Cats of My Life

I feel that I am very fortunate, having nearly always had cats at home. When I was born, my parents already had two cats named Moet and Chandon (yes, after the champagne!)

When they went over the Rainbow Bridge, we were a cat free house for a couple of years. I feel that we are now overcompensating for this, opening our home to four cats. It’s time to introduce you to the whole gang.


Roxy Black Background

Long time readers of the blog will already be familiar with Roxy. Roxy is truly mine – my little baby – and she certainly acts like it. I don’t get to witness it, but she sits and waits for me while I’m at work. When I’m at home, she’s practically my shadow. I couldn’t live without her, even if she makes getting stuff done ten times more difficult.



Hector came to live with us way back in 2009, following the death of our dog, Desdemona. Initially, we were only going to bring home his sister Cassandra (who sadly went over the Rainbow Bridge in 2015,) but he was so cut I wore my mum down until he joined us.

Like many other Maine Coons, Hector is massive, fluffy, and a huge softy. He’s terrified of everything, and can normally be found asleep in my parent’s room.


Archie Armchair

Archie is what happens when you don’t get your cats neutered in time. My mum’s coworker took her lovely lady in to be done, only to find out that she was already expecting. Already a home to three cats, my dad was firm; ‘No more cats.’

Dad was never very persuasive.

Archie’s main hobbies are chasing the ladies (whether they like it or not) and riding on shoulders.


PJ Blue Background

PJ is our most recent addition. We were still grieving Cassie when my mum told us that the stables her school visited had a lovely working cat looking for a forever home. Now twelve year old PJ gets pampered everyday, enjoying a sedentary retirement. Her favourite game is to chew you – fortunately she’s more gums that teeth now.


All photography in this post was taken by Dan Miller.

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