30 Cards in 30 Days – Christmas Edition

It’s pretty safe to say I failed in my attempt to make 30 cards in 30 days. To be entirely honest, I was fooling myself to think I could do it when I was moving house in the middle of the month. Still, I made more cards than I otherwise would have done, shown below.

I’ve decided to be a little more conservative with my next challenge for myself, whilst tying in with the time of year; 12 Christmas Cards in 12 Days. Much more doable, since I was likely going to be doing it anyway, just without accounting for it! Below is my little list of prompts – I look forward to sharing the results with you!

1. Snowflake
2. Reindeer
3. Panels
4. Non-Traditional
5. Exploding Box Card
6. Black Card
7. Stamps Only
8. Folding Card
9. Christmas Tree
10. Snowman
11. Wreath
12. Present

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