Hello 2018!

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2018 is here, and I’m ready with my goals for the next twelve months! I was inspired by Mrs Craft over at Craft and Other Crazy Plans who set 17 goals in 2017. In that fashion, I’m going to be doing 18!
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18 Books Read

I love to read, but ever since my Master’s degree, I’ve struggled to read for fun. To try and get into reading again, I’m going to aim to read eighteen this year – That’s just one and a half books a month, and with the number I already have half-finished, I’ll hopefully be able to achieve this goal.

17 Thousand Words Written

As well as reading, I have always loved writing fiction. I have a number of unfinished works sat on my computer and would love to get these to a semi-readable state by the end of the year. 17,000 words is quite a low goal for me, but I want to make it fun rather than stressful. I am considering doing NaNoWriMo again this year, but I will have to see how busy I am in November! Regardless, I hope having a goal for my fiction writing will push me further get my creative juices flowing!

16 New (Low FODMAP) Recipes Tried

This goal has two benefits. One, my mum pointed out my diet is somewhat lacking in variety and well – She wasn’t wrong. In addition, my IBS has slowly been getting worse, and changes need to be made to help me get better. I have had some success with low FODMAP recipes in the past, so am hoping by trying recipes from this area, I’ll kill both birds with one stone. If you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments!

£15 a Month Saved

This is such a low goal, it’s shameful. Honestly, I’ve always struggled with saving money. Now I have a permanent role with a consistent level of pay, I’m hoping it will get easier. But, I also know that I give up very easily when something goes wrong. Knowing that my online saving account also doesn’t help, as I can see the money and easily access it at a moment’s notice, I’m going to withdraw the money every payday and pop it into my terramundi (this is an affiliate link – spend money on Amazon after clicking it and I get a little kickback). This money pot is impossible to get cash out of without smashing it, and I’m not going to allow myself to do that until 1st January, 2019.

14 Sugar-Free Days

Following on from my endeavour to manage my IBS better as detailed above, I’m also going to try and have some sugar-free days. I have one hell of a sweet tooth, but I’ve had to come to the conclusion that sugar is having a bad impact on my digestion. I’ve not yet decided how I’ll plan out the days – whether I’ll do them individually or as all in one go – but I’m hoping it will show me it’s not as bad as I imagine as well as having a positive impact.

13 Planning Sessions

As evidenced by this post, I have many goals. I do many things. But at the moment, I don’t give myself dedicated time to get my head in order for the upcoming month. So, each month in 2018, I’m going to have a two hour minimum planning session. I’ll then have a bonus one at the end of the year to work out my 2019 goals. Hopefully, this will make my 2018 journey clearer!

12 Blog Posts

Again, a very modest aim. Like with saving money, as soon as I don’t manage to do it, I beat myself up and tell myself there’s no point trying to carry on. One blog post a month is a manageable minimum, even when secretly I’m going to be aiming higher!

11 No Spend Weeks

To help with my saving this year, I’m hoping to have eleven weeks where I don’t spend anything beyond the absolute essentials. This will need a little bit of planning (in my monthly planning sessions) to make sure I’m not going to starve halfway through the week, but I’m excited to see how I get on with this plan! Hopefully, it will lead to a healthier looking bank account at the end of each month!

10 Minutes Meditation a Day

I have had mixed results with meditation in the past, which has put me off of practicing it regularly. I’m hoping that by practicing it daily, even for a short time, I will be able to explore different methods and find one that works. And then I’ll start to feel the benefits! It’s already on my daily to-do list – now I just need to implement it!

9 Times My Instagram Followers

I was very excited this year to reach 100 followers over on my Instagram – it was the result of a lot of work. But I want to encourage more engagement with pictures of Roxy and my crafts! Hence this goal. At the time of writing, I have 110 followers, so I want to end the year with 990. It’s going to take a lot of work, and this is the one I’m most doubtful I’m going to reach – but you’ve got to dream big!

8 Hours Sleep a Night

I am the worst at sleeping. I either sleep too much or too little – there is no in between. So this year I’m going to start to be really trying to change that. Good sleep habits are essential, especially when you have as long a history with depression as I have. I’m hoping that this, along with the other changes I’m making, are going to help me stay on the steady level I’m currently at.

7 Nights Away

I need a holiday, pure and simple. I didn’t really get the chance while studying, and before that I wasn’t earning enough to really get away for too long. So I’m hoping to get at least seven nights away. It doesn’t have to be all at the same time – in fact it might be better to have a few weekends scattered throughout the year to recharge!

6 Glasses of Water a Day

I know the recommended amount is eight glasses a day, but like with my other goals, I want to keep it at a level I can actually manage – a challenge, but not one that will make me run away after the first day of failure.

5 Craft Projects Finished

So, to start off, I’m not talking little projects that you can finish in a night (although I might change my mind by the end of the year!). I’m talking meaty projects, that challenge me a little bit and that I can really sink my teeth into. At the time of writing, I already have two nearly finished, and I’m hoping the Christmas break will tick them off. I then have a whole stash of projects to start. I want to finish at least one more crochet project, and already know what that will be and who for. I’m then hoping to get two cross stitch projects and two knitting projects done during the year. Fingers crossed I can manage it!

4 Courses Finished

I am a bit of a personal and professional development junkie. I love to learn. My new role as a Marketing and Communications Officer is fantastic for this, because I’m learning something new everyday. There are four particular marketing related courses I want to finish this year. First of all, Google Digital Garage, which I’ve already started working through and is already pushing my skills further. Once I’ve completed that, I’m going to be aiming to complete the certification courses for Google Adwords and Google Analytics. I also want to work through some of Saleforces’ training, as the organisation is planning on moving all our data onto there in the New Year, and I know nothing about it! These four courses combined will develop my knowledge, and help make me the best worker I can be!

Exercise 3 Times a Week

I am doing a little better with exercise recently, but I’m not very consistent with it. Some days I’m busier than others, so I just don’t have time. Hopefully, I will be able to schedule them into my week so that I get into the habit of it before long. I’m not going to be aiming to spend longer than 15 minutes each session, to begin with, but will scale it up as time goes by!

2 Rooms Minimum

I love my little flat. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. But now I have a little more money available to me, I wouldn’t mind moving somewhere a tiny bit bigger. I know it’s not great for my sleep patterns that I don’t have to go to a separate room to go to bed – and when your fridge is in the same room as your bed, it’s very easy to night-snack. I feel bad for Roxy for not having lots of space to run around in – something that is really on my mind having just been at home for the week. And more than anything else, I have too much stuff for the space I have – a majority of my belongings are still in my parent’s attic. All not great.
That being said, I really do love where I am – it’s the first place, other than my parent’s house, that has actually felt like home. So this to me isn’t a priority. It’s more a case of ‘if the right place comes up’. I’ve already been looking regularly at one-bed flats online, but none of them has made me say ‘I want to live there’. And it’s going to have to be pretty awesome to make me want to move!

1 Social Media Post a Day

You’re going to be hearing from me a lot in 2018! At the moment, my posting is a bit sporadic – which I know isn’t  best practice and you guys don’t get to hear from me regularly. I’m not being specific on which platforms I’m making the post on, but am going to aim to alternate between Twitter and Instagram, to begin with. I’m also making it a high priority to get our Facebook page up and running so you can keep up to date with things over there as well.

And that’s it! How about you guys? What are your goals or resolutions for the New Year?


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