January 2018 Goals Review

Full disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to Gousto, a recipe box service here in the UK. When you sign up through this link, you get two boxes for half price – and I get a little kickback! 

Can you believe January is over already? The only silver lining is that it’s nearly February – which means my birthday, and I’m off to see to see Hamilton on the West End! But before that, let’s have a look at how I’ve been getting on with my goals so far!

Adobe Spark (10)

18 Books Read

I’ve finished one book so far this month, and I’m halfway through another. I also have a couple that I’ve started and will continue to read when I’ve finished my current book-in-progress.

17 Thousand Words Written

The month started off pretty slow. I have been reading and reviewing what I have of the trilogy I started a few years ago for Camp NaNo. It’s crazy to read my own writing from back then, and seeing how far it has developed! Then, halfway through the month, an old plot bunny for a fan fiction returned to me, and in two days I wrote a two-thousand-word story from it. No, I’m not sharing it with anyone, but it was nice to see I still have the writing bug in me!

16 New (Low FODMAP) Recipes Tried

I’ve only managed one new low FODMAP recipe so far, for chocolate chip scones. I haven’t quite gotten to grips with no-gluten baking just yet – they came out pretty flat! But they tasted great, and they were a good snack during my no-spend week. Meals wise, I haven’t tried anything new that’s Low-FODMAP yet, but I did get a Gousto box for a couple of weeks. It proved pretty difficult to find something that ticked all my boxes – the first week  I looked I found three recipes that were almost Low-FODMAP that I liked, but the second week I couldn’t. The third week, I just decided to leave the onions out of what I was cooking, because the meals looked great. I still have one to try, but so far, four of the five are ones I would try again. I’m going to look for ways to make them a bit more Low-FODMAP friendly, and then I’ll be happy to add them to my usual repertoire!

If you want to try out Gousto, just click here– you get two half-price boxes, and I get money off too!

£15 a Month Saved

The first day of the month, I went to the cashpoint, withdrew the money and put it in my pot. Boom, done.

14 Sugar-Free Days

I haven’t done this yet, but I have been trying no-sugar snacks to slowly get used to it. I’ve also generally been making healthier choices, in the hope that it will be easier when the time comes!

13 Planning Sessions

New Year’s Eve saw me at a local coffee shop, planning out January 2018. It’s crazy how much difference a little thing like this can make! Having an overview of the month in advance really helped put things into perspective. I’ll be having my planning session for February this evening, so fingers crossed for similar success this month.

12 Blog Posts

None published this month – I’m not counting these ones! Oops! Fingers crossed for next month.

11 No Spend Weeks

I’ve done one! I didn’t manage it in one go, as it coincided with me getting the flu so I had to go out and get some essentials to help me feel better. I made up the days the week after though. I even ended the month with a little bit of money in the bank, which given it was a long month (early payday thanks to Christmas) was quite an achievement! And it’s proved to me that I can actually do it, even when at least three times a day I go ‘I could buy that’.

10 Minutes Meditation a Day

Even though it’s been tough, I’ve managed to stick with this one. Although having said that, a couple of nights I haven’t managed it until I got to bed, and then I get so relaxed I fall asleep. Which is good, but not my intention! I haven’t seen many benefits yet, but I’m still experimenting with what method I use and when I do it etc. It’s been getting easier to not do anything for ten minutes a day, which is something!

9 Times My Instagram Followers

I have really failed on Instagram this month! Part of the problem is that it’s part of my job, so when I get home I’m a bit over it. But I will persevere again in February.

8 Hours Sleep a Night

Ugh, I’ve also really failed with this one. I have been trying everything to get out of bed on time, but no luck. I think it’s partly because of the weather and how cold and dark it is when I try to get up! The past few days, things have been getting a little easier, so I’ll keep going and hopefully find something that works.

7 Nights Away

I haven’t taken any solid actions towards this, but I’ve been looking at places I’d quite like to go and prices etc. I need to work out when is best to go as well, and then book the time off work. At the moment, my plan is to book a week off later in the year, save up some money, and then just look at what last minute deals I can afford with what I have saved!

6 Glasses of Water a Day

I started the year so well with this one. Too well, in fact, as I didn’t realise my water bottle was equivalent to three and not two glasses of waters! After the first week though, things started to go downhill again. I need to explore a way to keep myself accountable on this one. There’s still time to get better with this one!

5 Craft Projects Finished

I’ve already finished one (just need to block it) and have a cross-stitch project just needing a last little bit of backstitch. I’ve jumped into my next knitting project and have another cross-stitch pattern underway as well. So, think I might be on track with this one!

4 Courses Finished

I really haven’t done any work on any of these courses recently! I need to get back on this and create a little plan for my on-going training.

Exercise 3 Times a Week

Like with my no-spend week, this was messed up by being ill! I made up for it the week after though, doing exercise sessions that were twice as long as normal. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick with it from now.

2 Rooms Minimum

As always, I’ve been having a little look at places in my area. I even made a few enquires. And then I sat down and just thought – okay, but do I really want to move? I’m still on the fence about this. If this one does happen this year, I don’t think it will be until the second half of the year, if at all. So I’m going to take the pressure off, and stop looking. I’m happy where I am.

1 Social Media Post a Day

I’ve nearly managed this, but it’s been very Twitter heavy. Like I said earlier, I’m going to be trying to post more to Instagram this month. I still need to get that Facebook page going too!

So that’s it – That’s my January 2018 summed up. How has your 2018 been so far? I hope it’s been a great one!


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