18 in 2018 May Review

First of all, well done me for not taking three months to do a round-up this time. It’s certainly going to make it easier to remember what I have or have not achieved in this past month!
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18 Books Read

I have started a few more books, but haven’t finished any more in May. I did finish one in the short time after I wrote the April round up and the beginning of May, so I guess that one technically counts?
Put simply, I have finished three books so far this year, have four more currently on the go, and am very unsure whether I will actually achieve this or fail miserably.

17 Thousand Words Written

I’m still stuck at my previous total of just over two-thousand words written in January. At this point, I’m basically hoping that the summer holidays (when I won’t be volunteering two evenings a week and will only be working my full-time role and not my part-time role on top of that) will be the opportunity to get all these slightly more time-consuming goals done. It will at least be a chance to get a bit closer to achieving my goals!

16 New (Low FODMAP) Recipes Tried

Like my word count goal, I’m hoping this will be one that some extra free time over the summer will make happen! I’ve really let my monthly plans slip (more on that below), but hopefully, I’ll also be able to improve on my progress for this goal with a bit more planning!

£15 a Month Saved

I thought this would be the most difficult, but it’s actually proven to be pretty easy. At least I know I can save money if I really try!

14 Sugar-Free Days

Again, this just hasn’t happened. June is going to have to include at least two days with no sugar if I want to make any progress towards this goal by the end of the year.

13 Planning Sessions

I started the year with such good intentions! The end of June is the halfway mark, so this is going to be a new start. Let’s head into the second half of 2018 right with a little planning!

12 Blog Posts

I am sorry many posts behind now. But I have several half-finished ones in my drafts – I just need to pull myself together and get them finished and our to all you guys! If there is anything you think I should write about, be sure to leave a comment below.

11 No Spend Weeks

I now haven’t done this for so long it’s embarrassing! When I do my planning session for June, I’m going to see if I can wedge two into the month. Thanks to the May Bank Holiday, I got paid super early, which was great at the time but means unless I get a little thrifty June is going to be painful towards the end! (So all the more reason to do it).

10 Minutes Meditation a Day

I am so back and forth with this goal. I had a couple of really good days during May where I managed to do this, but I fell back into the same old problems I have always had with meditation. However, I have recently discovered AMSR videos on Youtube, which really relax me and make it nearly impossible not to fall asleep. The intention of this goal always was to help me relax, and to hopefully help with my sleep patterns as well. Whilst not strictly meditation, I’m going to let AMSR count towards this. Maybe alternating between the two will work for me? It’s all about exploration, so let us see what happens!

9 Times My Instagram Followers

Instagram, such a cruel mistress. I have made no progress at all really. I’ll keep soldiering on.

8 Hours Sleep a Night

Thanks to my phone tracking my sleep without me knowing, I can say that in the past month I have averaged 7 hours and 38 minutes in bed. So a little way to go (and it can’t tell me how much of that time I was actually sleeping), but it is an improvement on the previous months. I just need to make sure I don’t go too far the other way!

7 Nights Away

I have made absolutely no progress beyond going to my parents – but I’m not counting staying with people I know. So basically no progress. I have begun to research what hotels will let me take cats with me though. Because Roxy deserves a holiday too.

6 Glasses of Water a Day

I haven’t been keeping track of this, but I would guess I’m doing better? Because the UK has been so hot! In more recent days, the thunderstorms have been giving me headaches, which has led to more water consumption. Now to get back into the habit of keeping track of this.

5 Craft Projects Finished

Tiny progress – putting my cross-stitch back on my floor stand means I’ve been more likely to do a couple of rows while watching TV. No more finished just yet though!

4 Courses Finished

I’ve been continuing my work for Google Digital Garage, but I haven’t made any huge strides in this, and believe I am now over halfway to finishing (they keep adding new modules though!). I’ve been able to dedicate a little more time to this in May, so things are starting to gain momentum.

Exercise 3 Times a Week

Minimal progress made on this one this month. Again, with a bit more planning I’m hoping to at least get to two times a week in June.

2 Rooms Minimum

This is not something I care about at all anymore. At least for the moment. So no progress on this one.

1 Social Media Post a Day

I keep making a couple days of progress and then go back to not posting for a few days. It’s so difficult when it’s a large part of your work to get motivated about this in your free time! Going to break this one down to some smaller goals in my plan for June and see if I can make a little more progress.

And that’s it! What goals have you made progress on in the month of May? Join the conversation in the comments!

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