18 in 2018 June Review

July is here, and we are in the middle of The Worst Heatwave here in the UK. I am beyond fed up with it at this point. But I’m trying to push that all aside and get some more progress towards my goals under my belt!
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18 Books Read

I’m slowly getting back into the habit of reading, and have made progress on all the books I’m currently reading. I really need to pick up speed though – we’re over halfway through the month and I’ve only read three books out of my eighteen book target!

17 Thousand Words Written

Because I started the year well for this goal, I think I then rested on my laurels and never made any more progress! Writer’s block is a real bitch, and that has made it easy to stop trying. But, I’m going to try and kick it up a notch. Years ago, I bought ‘642 Things to Write About‘ (this is an affiliate link, so if you make a purchase through Amazon after clicking it, I get a little kickback). I’m going to try and use the book more this month by spending at least five minutes a day responding to one of the prompts. I’m looking forward to getting back in touch with my creative side!

16 New (Low FODMAP) Recipes Tried

I started the year strong. I was trying new recipes, albeit not low FODMAP. But now I’ve fallen into the same old problem of cooking the same recipes over and over! I feel like with this hot weather, I’m going to focus on this a little – all of my meals are very hearty, cooked meals, which isn’t appropriate for the 30°C temperatures!

£15 a Month Saved

Once again, done! Actually shook it up a little this month and put some into a savings account – and still haven’t touched it!

14 Sugar-Free Days

Part of my problem with this one, I realised, is I didn’t set any boundaries or guidelines. Am I cutting all sugar out? Am I allowing natural sugars, like those from fruit? This month I’m going to track my sugar intake and research what I should cut down on, which will hopefully help me achieve this by the end of the year!

13 Planning Sessions

I sat down and had a very casual planning session at the beginning of June, which made me feel like I was a little more organised. I didn’t 100% stick to my plan, but at least I started the month with the best intentions.

12 Blog Posts

I have slowly been working on a couple of posts in my drafts, but nothing is finished yet. I think my perfectionism is ruining this goal for me – I don’t want to post something until it’s perfect, which means I just keep editing, and editing, and editing. Hopefully, I’ll at least clear out my drafts folder by the end of July!

11 No Spend Weeks

I was hoping to get two done this month but only managed one. I have been looking at other ways to save money though, and the no-spend weeks are getting a bit easier – hopefully, I’ll be able to fit a couple more in this month!

10 Minutes Meditation a Day

I honestly think I forgot about this goal this month – opps! The physical symptoms of my anxiety have really been plaguing me though, so this is going to have to become more of a priority this month – even if sitting still for ten minutes during this heatwave feels impossible!

9 Times My Instagram Followers

I think I only posted to Instagram twice in the whole of June. So no, this hasn’t happened.

8 Hours Sleep a Night

I was actually making some progress towards this. It was great. I was sleeping more, but not too much. Then the heatwave came, and I honestly feel like I will never sleep again. I am trying my best, but oh my god. Once things get back down to a normal temperature,  should start making progress again. Or when I get to the point I’m so exhausted I just sleep anyway, whichever comes first.

7 Nights Away

Beyond planning to run away to the North Pole, or somewhere else colder than this, I’ve made no progress on this one. But I wasn’t really expecting to so there we are!

6 Glasses of Water a Day

The one good thing about this temperature – I have been drinking so much water! No idea how much though, so I need to start keeping track!

5 Craft Projects Finished

I don’t think I did any crafting this month (at least not enough to remember). This makes my soul sad.

4 Courses Finished

This is going to be an area where the summer holidays are really useful. The evenings I normally spend volunteering are going to be the perfect time to get ahead with the courses I’m currently taking.

Exercise 3 Times a Week

I managed a couple of days, and then I started using the weather as an excuse to not do it and now we’re at the end of June. I’m not even really going to pretend to feel guilty about it, but I do need to try better in July if I actually want to get fitter.

2 Rooms Minimum

I feel like I should just put the shrugging emoji here.

1 Social Media Post a Day

Some days I post lots, some days I post nothing. One day, I shall perfect the social media strategy. But that didn’t happen in June.

How are you all feeling now it’s halfway through the year? Are you on track to achieve your goals before the end of 2018?

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