18 in 2018: End of Year Review

Wow, really haven’t done one of these in a while. If you missed my post explaining why I haven’t kept up with blogging, you can read it


. There’s still a few days of 2018 left, but as I’m off on holiday, I’m coming to you a little early with a final update of my year’s goals.

So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?
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18 Books Read

The final count is 14, which isn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I’m sure I will be reading some more whilst I’m on holiday, so I actually might just make this! If nothing else, I have rediscovered reading for fun, rather than just reading because I have to. Plus, it’s 14 books more than I would have read otherwise.
Any recommendations for my 2019 reading list? Let me know in the comments below!

17 Thousand Words Written

My plans to take plan in NaNoWriMo fell through, but I still managed to do some reading. The final count is just short of 7,000 words, which is a lot more than I thought I had done! Writing continues to be something I enjoy, but like any others, I think my worries about quality hold me back. I’m definitely going to try to develop my habit of writing in the new year, to continue to grow my creativity.

16 New (Low FODMAP) Recipes Tried

I think in the end, I did not manage this at all! As my health has been bad the past couple of months, I haven’t been cooking very much at all, let alone worrying about whether it’s actually good for me or not. If I don’t want to fall into a rut with my meals, I’ll have to shake this up in 2019.

£15 a Month Saved

This was going quite well, and then for reasons that will be explained later in this post, I had to spend all of what I saved. And now my living expenses have increased, so I don’t have £15 to put aside. I’m hoping in the New Year my finances will be a little more stable and I’ll be able to start saving again.

14 Sugar-Free Days

If I ever managed this, I have no idea when. It certainly wasn’t today, as I had a very large plate of chocolate gateau for dinner.

13 Planning Sessions

I actually completely forgot this was something I had planned to do. Opps.

12 Blog Posts

Haha, no. Opps. Huge thank you to those who have stuck around despite the complete lack of posts!

11 No Spend Weeks

I didn’t manage 11, but the no-spend weeks that I managed worked really well. I’m planning at least one in January (to get me through the long wait till my next payday) and will definitely continue them throughout 2019. I really want to improve my finances next year, and this will certainly help.

10 Minutes Meditation a Day

I started off strong on this goal but soon found myself getting bored or distracted. I tried some alternative methods but really struggled to stick with them. It’s a shame because when I did manage this, I did notice a difference in my mood and concentration. I’d love to try again to get an idea of the long-term positive effects, which in turn will probably motivate me to stick with it!

9 Times My Instagram Followers

I did not even come close to this one! If you want to help get me a little closer, you can find my Instagram here.

8 Hours Sleep a Night

I’d going to go out on a limb and say I haven’t managed this one as much as I’d like. But I’m certainly sleeping better than I was this time last year, and that’s something.

7 Nights Away

By the end of the year, I’ll have managed 4 nights away. Not as many as I wanted, but it’s better than nothing. Here’s hoping next year I’ll be able to save a little to go away for a few more days.

6 Glasses of Water a Day

Six glasses of water is so much water. I’ve certainly spent this year more hydrated than before, and my number of water bottles has greatly increased as I try to find out what works for me.

5 Craft Projects Finished

I didn’t manage to complete any of my projects! But I’ve made good progress, and it’s been good to dedicate more time to my hobbies.

4 Courses Finished

It’s not going to surprise anyone that I didn’t achieve this one either. But you know what – 2018 was pretty great even without ticking off lots of goals. Maybe I’ll count my own personal development as a completed course?

Exercise 3 Times a Week

As we’ve reached the end of the year, I’ve become a bit obsessed with Pokemon Go again. And because of that, even if I’m not doing a full work out session three times a week, I have been pushing myself to go for more walks, going that little bit further each time. I’m feeling much healthier for it, mentally and physically, and that was the goal all along really. So I’m going to let myself have this one.

2 Rooms Minimum

I have been saying more months that I wasn’t going to worry about this anymore. And then my health stuff happened, and some other stuff happened and. Well, long story short, I have now moved somewhere that more than fulfils this criterion. Triples it in fact (if you count the hallway as a room, which I do because it has a door. I’m not counting the boiler cupboard though). It’s been very stressful, and expensive, as you’d expect, but I’m properly settled in now and can really see it as my home. Roxy is really happy too, enjoying running from room to room at full speed in the middle of the night, just because she can.

And the best thing? I have a craft room now!

1 Social Media Post a Day

I’m not going to go back and check, because I know I didn’t manage this. But that’s probably not a bad thing – I would have bored people if I started posting that much!

And that’s that! I will be back in 2019 with my goals for next year. I’ll don’t think I’ll be setting as many, as that’s probably played a role in not completely achieving my goals this year. Let me know how you plan your goals for the year – I’d love to get some ideas!

Happy New Year to you all from Roxy and I!

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