Looking Forward to 2020

I can’t believe that 2020 is here already! The last year has been a real journey, with many unexpected twists and turns. I underwent my third course of therapy, targeting my underlying self esteem and anxiety issues and ended the year on no antidepressants, for the first time in seven years. My new found confidence in myself held me steady through a number of changes at work, including my whole team at work being made redundant and me starting 2020 without at full-time job! My chronic pain continues to me a daily occurrence, with no sign of a diagnosis, but I’ve learnt to manage the pain better and keep a check on the expectations I hold for myself. And there’s been lots of love and laughter along the way.

But, this post isn’t about looking back at 2019, it’s about looking forward to the rest of 2020! I didn’t set any goals in 2019, but I wanted to set some for the year ahead to help guide me as I navigate the next little chapter of my life. Keep reading to find out more about each goal and how I’m going to achieve it.

Goal One – Be more active

Like I said above, my chronic pain has continued to be an issue throughout 2019. This has made it really easy for me to give myself permission to just sit around and do nothing – but I know that actually, that’s not a helpful way to manage it. And I’m also really aware that without a job to go to each day, I might end up just sat in my flat all the time, and that’s not great for my mental health. So, I’m making an extra effort to be more active in 2020.

I didn’t want to get too prescriptive with this goal and say ‘I will do yoga for fifteen minutes everyday’ or ‘I will walk 10,000 steps everyday’, as I know I get really bored doing the same thing everyday – I need some variety! Instead, I’ve written a whole list of those actions (including others like ‘Go swimming for thirty minutes,’ ‘Walk to the tube station instead of getting the bus’), and when I sit down to plan my week I find an action for each day that will best fit into my schedule for the day. Basically, as long as it’s something I can count as a workout on my watch, I’m counting it

I actually started this goal a little before New Year, and I’m already feeling the benefits – the lift in my building has been broken since I got home after Christmas but I can now do the three flights of stairs without needing a breather halfway up!

Goal Two – Match my income for last year

Obviously I can’t live the unemployed life forever – I have a cat to support! I just don’t quite know what the next step of my career looks like just yet. The main question is this; do I try to find another full-time role, or do I take this opportunity to spread my wings a little and try out some freelance work? I’m currently exploring both avenues and will let you know how it goes in good time. But that’s why this isn’t just ‘Get a new job’ (and obviously, ideal situation I’ll be beating my income for last year, but just want to make sure I can pay my bills for now!).

PS. Need someone for some Digital Marketing/Stage Management/Applied Theatre work? Get in touch with me and we’ll have a chat!

Goal Three – Finish at least twelve books

I just feel like I haven’t finished any books since I did my MA – but I’m really good at starting them. I’ve started lots of books. So let’s try and get that ‘Currently Reading’ pile a little shorter this year.

Goal Four – Complete current craft projects

A bit like books, I’m really good at starting craft projects, but I haven’t finished any in a long-time – I currently have three knitting projects and two large cross stitch projects that I’m working on. 2020 is going to be about finishing some more of those works-in-progress (and then I can start something new).

Have you set yourself any goals for 2020? Have any advice for how I can go about achieving mine? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you! You can get more regularly updates on my progress with each goal (and cat pictures) by following me on Instagram.

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