Catching Up on 2020: How am I doing on my goals?

What weird times we are now living in! When I first wrote my list of goals back in January, I never would have suspected a global pandemic to turn up – although who would have done? One of the few positives to come out of it is I have the opportunity to look at what I’ve achieved so far this year and work out what progress I can make on my goals during this extended lockdown. One thing I’ve been really struggling with so far (as I’m sure many others have as well) is trying to remain motivated to do things without a structure around my day. So I’m hoping that taking this moment to remind myself of my goals will help me come up with lots of plans for the next few weeks! Click below to keep reading about my 2020 so far.

Here’s a reminder of my goals for 2020!


Pre-lockdown, I was doing pretty well on my goal to be more active! I had replaced a number of my quick hops on the bus with a walk to the tube station instead, and was really starting to notice a difference to my overall health (mainly being able to do all the stairs in my building without getting out of breath when the lift was out of order!) As I was primarily working from home, I was also starting and ending my work days with a little walk (like a fake commute) which helped add some structure to my day, and get me into the right mindset, as well as making me more active!

Beyond walking, I haven’t been being as active as I would like. Plus, I noticed that lots of walking was making some of my joints flare up, and that’s not ideal! And as the UK is in lockdown now, my walks are shorter and less frequent than they used to be. I need to start looking at other kinds of exercise that I can do at home, like yoga which I’ve tried before. I know it can help with my joint pain when I’m feeling quite stiff, so this might be a good way to go. If you’re interested in trying out yoga too, I personally love this video from Yoga with Adriene for Lower Back Pain (great even if you don’t have lower back pain!) I do have to be honest though, I typically do the first half of any yoga routine video and then just start improvising because the position is too difficult or it’s not the stretch that I need. But that’s normal right?


As you’d expect, my goal to match my income from last year isn’t going so well either. Since the beginning of the year, I have registered as self-employed and have been doing various bits of work in Marketing and Admin support, as well as working as a Production Manager for an amazing theatre company here in London. We were just about to go into our last week of rehearsals ahead of going on tour when the country went into lockdown, and the tour has now been postponed indefinitely. I’m so sad to not be currently travelling the UK with the team and sharing their amazing work as planned – and there’s obviously been a financial impact as well.

My search for additional work is at a bit of a standstill as understandably there’s not a huge demand for new workers in the charity and arts fields right now. Instead, I’m refocusing on what I can do to build my skills and presence online, and I’ve started creating a self promotion plan to get this rolling. Obviously when applying for marketing work this can may also be a useful demonstration of my skills!


Another good thing to come out of lockdown and newly found unemployment is that I’ve had plenty of time for reading! I’ve finished four books so far this year and have made a start on the fifth. What has been great is to get to finish the some books I started reading for my MA three years ago and then ran out of time to finish! It’s nice to read them without the pressure of making notes or constantly thinking ‘I must remember that for my dissertation’. I’m half tempted to increase my goal from twelve books – but let’s see where I’m at when we’re able to go outside again.

If you want to follow what I’m reading and track my progress, you can add me on Goodreads!


Again, I’ve been able to make lots of progress with my goal to complete my current craft projects during lockdown! Although I did start a new project (the gorgeous and comfy Framework Bralette from Jessie Maed Designs), I managed to finish this in a week and am now working my way through the various half-finished projects I have on the go. One project is just waiting on some pupils to be sewn on before it’s finished, and I’m just a few rows off halfway of another knitting project. I’ve also passed the halfway mark on one of my larger cross stitch kits that has taken years so far – looking forward to getting that one finished and up on the walls in my flat! The only thing that’s holding me back right now is my very ‘clicky’ fingers which begin to hurt is I spend too long knitting or sewing, so I’m trying to remember to take regular breaks otherwise I’m out of action for a few days!

I hope everyone is doing okay in these very strange times. The biggest thing I’m trying to remember is to be kind to myself and realistic with my expectations of myself – and that there’s no prize for who did the most during a pandemic. The most important thing is to look after my mental health. Let me know how you’re doing and what you’ve been up toin the comments below – I’d love to hear from you.

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